Healthy Habitation

Water Quality Testing

WHY should I test my water?

Do you really know what is in your water and how it may be affecting you and your family?  Water quality should be an important considered in a healthy home because you clean, bathe, drink, and cook with it.  In fact, about 60% of your body is water.  When something is that vital to your existence, it should contribute to good health and not detract from good health.  Do not assume your water is okay, KNOW if it really is good for you.  Request your water evaluation today and know for sure.

WHAT should I do?

Whether you receive your water from a municipality, or from a private well, you should know what is in your water.  Get the facts, have your water tested.

Reserve an appointment to have your water tested.  The following water tests are available upon request.

What are my testing options?


Municipalities publish annual water quality reports, but a water test can be performed on your tap water if you are concerned about your home’s water pipes or if you want to test for something not covered in the annual report. 


Private wells should be tested annually for any or all, of the following

When heavy metals in the water enter the body, it can suppress the immune system, interfere with the body’s ability to heal, and impair learning.  Michigan is known to have arsenic in some water sources.  Lead in water can result from lead solder leaching from older water pipes.  Test for 14 different heavy metals at once or test for specific heavy metals.  If you have taken a heavy metal test which revealed elevated heavy metals, a water test will help you confirm or eliminate water as a possible source of exposure. 

VOCs found in drinking water are the end result of improper chemical disposal.  Chemicals which may have accidentally or intentionally been allowed to soak into soil will eventually migrate into underground water supplies.  Products which produce VOCs include gasoline, solvents, cleaners, degreasers, pesticides, cleaners, paint, dyes, and ink, to name a few sources.  Test your water if you have concerns.  

SOCs are man-made compounds used in various industries and agriculture.  The widespread use of pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, and dioxin has caused SOCs to leach its way into underground water supplies.  SOCs can damage the nervous system, kidneys and increase cancer risk.

Well water should be tested for the presence of radon which is known to cause cancer.  Radon is radioactive and there are no safe levels.  If you have radon in your home, odds are that radon is also leaching into well water.  This is generally not a problem for municipal water supplies because the water purification process allows radon to escape the water before it arrives at your home. Private wells do not have this benefit.