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Did You Know...

  • Cellphone radiation exposure is cumulative
  • The dangerous effects of smart tech radiation exposure may not begin to appear until 10 or more years after chronic exposure began.
  • Cell phone manufacturers defined “heavy usage” for a cell phone to be the following: 

    “One, 30-minute phone call, one time per week.” 

    The cell phone industry is allowed set their own standard to determine radiation safety. Manufactures created the outdated “heavy usage” standard decades ago, to determine if their phones met their own, industry created, “safety” standard. Does this sound like the exposure level of today’s average cellphone user?  No.  If that is their definition of a heavy cell phone user, what does that make the average cell phone user today?  A super, extreme cell phone user. 

  • The tech industry is not developing new technology based on consumer demand.  A Polish study revealed that people were content with their technology and not demanding more.  The same study also revealed that people were primarily concerned with just being able to communicate with their family and friends.  New product development is driven by manufacturers and not the consumer.  Manufacturers develop new products and through advertising, they tell the consumer they need it.  Don’t be manipulated by tech, use it in a way that suits you.

  • Due to the rapidly multiplying cells of a child, combined with the thinness of their skull, radiation exposure will have a greater harmful effect in terms of overall health, physical abilities, and cognitive function.

  • Many chronic medical conditions today are loosely termed illnesses of modern society.  For instance, diabetes, lower fertility, cancer, ADD, ADHD, depression, restless sleep or sleeplessness, migraine headaches, cataracts, heart palpitations, early on-set dementia, and anxiety, to name a few.  Many of these chronic health conditions grew rapidly in number over the last 30 years, along with the exponential increase in high frequency communication pollution.  Today we have a quintillion (Yes, a 1 with eighteen zeros after it!) times greater radio frequency exposure than just 100 years ago.  It is no wonder so many people feel sick.