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Home Office EMF Testing

WHY should I have my home office tested for EMFs?

People who work out of their homes often spend 8 or more hours a day working.   Whether your “office” is in a dedicated space, at the kitchen table, or on your lap, this represents a significant amount of time when you are using technology.  If you are experiencing headaches, mysterious “fatigue,” eye strain, blurry vision, muddled thinking, it could be from EMF over-exposure.  Find out what electromagnetic frequencies you are exposed to and learn how to control your exposure so you can maintain your health, vitality, and be as effective as possible.  

WHAT should I do?

Working at home is a great opportunity, so do not let headaches or fatigue diminish your effectiveness.  Know what invisible frequencies are around you and learn how lower your EMF exposure.  Make the most out of your work-at-home opportunity.