Healthy Habitation

Am I at Risk?

IF YOU ANSWERED “YES” TO ANY OF THE QUESTIONS, you should take immediate action to reduce the possibility of future health problems.  Your body will thank you.

IF YOU ANSWERED “NO” TO ALL OF THE QUESTIONS, you are amazing!  Ahead of the curve. 

A word of caution, to the person who cannot perceive EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)—your cells are aware!  Cell walls have vibration sensing proteins which feel the vibrations caused by passing frequencies.  Each cell and nerve in your body, communicates with other cells and nerves through flashes of light, vibrations, or hormones.  Cells also open and close, to allow nutrition and waste to enter and leave the cell, using positive or negative polarization.  Your body is amazing on the cellular level, but this delicate balance can be easily upset.  It is no wonder, when you think about it, that so many people have chronic health issues.

Electro Sensitivity. Each person’s immune system is unique, and one person may have the ability to perceive electrical pollution while another may be completely unaware of it.  To date, there are no official medical test labeled “Electromagnetic Sensitivity Test.”  However, forward thinking medical professionals may consider the results of existing medical tests as a possible means to gage the body’s response to the effects of EMF over-exposure.  Tests can include A1C (elevated insulin reductase), elevated LDL (oxidized form of cholesterol), lower white blood cell count, decreased hormone production (male, female, and thyroid), and 24-hour saliva hormone test (measures cortisol an indicator of physical stress).  Do not consider this medical advice.  Consult your doctor for medical advice.

Here is a quick explanation of the quiz questions.

1. Do you sleep with your phone on your bed or nightstand?

Your phone constantly pulses microwave frequencies 24/7.   This presents a problem to your body’s ability to repair itself while sleeping.  At some point during the night your brain opens pathways to allow the removal of waste from the brain.  The constant bombardment from your cell phone prevents this from happening.  The sufferer will wake up feeling sluggish, unrested, or may complain that their “head feels full,” or their brain “feels swollen.”  That is an indication that your body’s own repair process has been interfered with.  Your sleeping area should be free from all devices that will interfere with the rest and repair process.

2. Do you put your phone in your shirt or pants pocket or bra?

Placing the cell phone in a shirt pocket or bra has led to an increase of breast cancer in both men and women.  The nature of tech induced tumors is that the tumors appear near the surface of the skin versus deep tissue tumors common in genetically predisposed breast cancers.  The number of heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats, heart attacks, and pacemaker failures is on the rise.  Also keeping your cell phone in your pants pocket radiates the groin area, the testicles and ovaries.  This has led to a rise in infertility for both men and women and an increase in DNA based genetic issues in children.  

Apple recommends keeping the phone a minimum of 5 mm from the body when worn or carried against the torso of the body.  This distance recommendation is based upon SAR (Specific Absorption Rating) which measures tissue heating (tissue heating is how a microwave oven cooks).  SAR does NOT address when biological damage occurs to the human body.

On average, cell phone manufacturers urge users to keep phones greater than 5-10 mm (millimeters) from the body.  If you must put your phone in your pocket, either turn ON Airplane mode or shut OFF your phone.  You can turn it ON periodically to check messages.  Tell your friends to do the same.

3. Do you work with a tablet or laptop computer sitting on your lap?

You are exposing your groin and abdomen area to enormous amounts of radiation pollution.  This may be contributing to the rise in colon cancer.  Not to mention the continued radiation of the testicles and ovaries.  Pregnant mothers should NEVER carry any radiating device near their belly—EVER!

4. Do you talk on a smart phone by holding it to your ear?

 When microwave radiation was first discovered a group of engineers tried to figure out how to measure its safety.  They came up the idea of SAR, Specific Absorption Rate.  Back then they thought if microwaves do not cook tissue, it must be safe.  We now know that this method of rating safety is OUTDATED, but the cell phone industry still clings to it.  Advancements in imaging and the ability to thermally measure microwave radiation exposure, proves that damage to DNA, cells, and tissue occurs way before the skin begins to heat-up.  

The outdated SAR standard was developed by averaging the head size of the largest military personal and then determining how much exposure caused the tissue to cook in a person that size.  Now, does this sound like the average head size of a cell phone user?  Or the average child?  Today, children in elementary school have phones, and many have been exposed to radiation since infancy through exposure from baby monitors, Wi-Fi bottles, diapers, and toys—extremely dangerous. 

Under the Legal section of cell phone documentation, cell phone manufacturers recommend reducing radio frequency (RF) exposure by using hands free operation such as speaker phone, or headphones.  If RF exposure is not an issue during phone usage, Legal would not have mentioned it.

When cell phones are held to the ear, the average adult head is radiated though to the center of their brain, radiating the ear, eyeball, temporal lobe, frontal lobe, and parts of the brain stem.  This has led to brain tumors, cancer of eye, cheek cancers, and neck and lymphatic cancer.  When a child holds a smart phone, their entire head is radiated.  This leads to an untold number of DNA breaks in the child’s developing brain, increasing their risk for neurological issues.  A child should never use any smart device.  Instead of holding the phone to your head, use speaker phone or air-gap ear buds.  Text more often than talk.  

5. Do you use Bluetooth enabled ear buds?

Bluetooth enabled ear buds bring the radiation farther into your skull—on both sides.  Tumors in the ear canal, although not cancerous, can still lead to deafness.  Use wired ear buds or air gap earphones.

6. Do you read from any smart device at night?

Screens emit a disproportional amount of blue light.  Blue light suppresses the hormone melatonin which allows you to fall asleep, and without melatonin the body does not clean-up reactive oxidative stress (ROS) created during the day.  If you must read from your screen at night, use amber colored glasses to block out the blue light which allows your body to produce melatonin; or turn ON the night screen option, if your device offers that feature.  Additionally, to protect yourself from microwave (high) frequency exposure while reading from a smart device, DOWNLOAD FIRST.  Then, turn OFF Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or turn ON Airplane mode before reading.  Better yet, use an actual book.

7. Do you use a Bluetooth enabled keyboard, mouse, game controllers, or headset?

Each Bluetooth enabled keyboard, mouse, game controllers, or headset sends and receives data while touching your skin.  Data transmissions from these devices send a steady stream of millisecond beeps, buzzes, pops, pings, and static.  Your cells have vibrational sensors which react to the vibrations created by these inaudible noises.  These vibrations trigger the cell to close-down, to protect itself.  Over time, if these vibrations do not stop, your cell will not reopen.  It will die or create a new cell that is permanently closed.  Scientists now believe that this process is the root cause of so many illnesses that plague modern society.  Illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.  The solution is to use hardwired game controllers, headsets, keyboards, and mouse.  While gaming, never sit within two feet of the screen, farther is better, and never hold any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device or controller in your lap.

8. Do you use your smart devices while it is plugged-in and charging?

Today, most charging cords are no longer grounded, that means that in addition to the microwave radiation exposure your body is now exposed to electric, magnetic, and dirty electricity.  Using your device while it is charging increases your exposure levels significantly.  Never use your smart device or computer while it is charging.  Always use it in battery mode and take a break while it is charging.  Special grounding cables can be purchased for some devices to lower exposure to AC electric and AC magnetic fields.  

9. Do you drive your car while a cell phone, device, or tablet is ON?

If you drive while a smart device has its Wi-Fi or Cellular signal is turned ON, that device will emit, at regular intervals, a strong signal that is searching for a cell tower connection.  The signal from each device will continuously bombard your body while it searches for a tower.  Give your body a break, turn OFF all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular connections or, turn ON Airplane mode for all your devices while driving. 

10. Do you wear a smart wristband?

Smart wristbands or watches constantly emit microwave frequencies.  Some of these devices are worn 24/7, pressed against your veins which deliver nutrients and oxygen to your body.  High frequency vibrations sent out by these devices can harm your cells by causing them to close, depriving your body of necessary nutrition.  Over time, this deprivation can manifest itself in unhealthy ways.  Exactly how or when your body will react, depends on your unique make-up.

11. Do you carry multiple Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices that are all turned ON?

Each smart device you own will ping its local Wi-Fi or cellular tower connection at its own preset schedule.  Within smart devices, each App will send data back to its host at its own preset regular intervals.  Add all the smart devices, plus all the Apps within each device and that equals a relentless, barrage of EMF exposure.  Exposure you can control.  Turn OFF unnecessary devices or put them in Airplane mode until needed.  Also, within Apps turn OFF the Cellular connection and only turn it ON when you are using that APP.  When finished with the App, turn OFF the Cellular connection again.

WHAT should I do?

Applying these simple habits to your daily routine will reduce your self-induced radio frequency exposure.  Once you put these new habits into practice, you will discover they are not as inconvenient as you first imagine.  

Share what you learned with someone you know.  They may be suffering from electromagnetic frequency over-exposure and not know it.